Our Process

Translation project management involves a series of steps to ensure the successful and efficient translation of content. Below is a summary of our general workflow.

Project Assessment

We evaluate the scope and requirements of the translation project and determine the volume of content, deadline, and any specific instructions or preferences.

Resource Selection

We identify the appropriate resources for the translation project. This includes selecting professional translators, editors and proofreaders with expertise in the required language pair and subject matter.

Establishing Guidelines

We define clear guidelines for the translation project by providing style guides, glossaries, and any reference materials to ensure consistency and accuracy in translation.


The actual translation of the content takes place in this step. The selected translators work on translating the source content into the target language while adhering to the provided guidelines.

Project Planning

We create a detailed project plan that outlines the timeline, milestones, and responsibilities for each stage of the translation process : translation, editing, proofreading, and quality assurance.

Content Preparation

We prepare the source content for translation. This may involve reviewing and editing the content, identifying any potential issues or challenges, and ensuring it is ready for translation.

Editing and Proofreading

Once the initial translation is complete, an editor and then a proofreader review the translated content for accuracy, grammar, style, and overall quality. This step helps ensure the final output meets the required standards.

Quality Assurance

We conduct a quality check to ensure the translated content is error-free and meets the specified criteria. This may involve using translation memory tools, running quality checks for consistency, and performing any necessary revisions.

Formatting and Layout

We format and layout the translated content to match the original source format.

Documentation and Archiving

We maintain comprehensive documentation of the translation project, including the source files, translated content, style guides, and any other relevant materials, and archive these documents for future reference.

Feedback Incorporation

If the client provides feedback or revisions, we incorporate them into the translated content and make necessary adjustments to improve the final version

Final Review and Delivery

We perform a last round of review and deliver the final translated content within the specified timeframe.

We look forward to working with you and helping you succeed in your global endeavors.